Re-reading Children’s Witch Books and still being Spellbound

Witches and books together make for an awesome combination. I remember reading The Witches by Roald Dahl and being spellbound by it. For starters,  Roald Dahl is an excellent writer. The Witches is a children’s book, but adults would enjoy it too – ask me I have read it as a child and re-read it a couple of times.

The story is set in Norway as well as in the UK and is all about a young boy  whose parents were killed after driving into a raving and he moves in with his grandmother in a world of child-hating witches. Yes, witches hate children, they want to kill them. But before you wonder how I could be recommending such a book for kids, remember that The Witches is a child’s book, and Roald Dahl makes the killing of children something quite amusing, like turning one of the children into a garden slug.

There is some tension in the story where the boy and his grandmother are staying in a hotel in Bournemouth, and the boy is trapped in a ballroom filled with all of England’s witches as well as the  Grand High Witch. There has been quite a bit of criticism for the book but if witches is your thing.. then this is for you…even if you’re an adult.