Witches are Real or Fantasy?

Witches in Art

We have been seeing witches in movies, but are they real or just a story book character. Modern science says that witches cannot exist, but the religion says something else. of course the witches are not with pointy hats and noses with acne. Huh these are all creation of movies. Magical powers and brews are not real.

So, what is there to prove that witches exist? The witchcraft is the only thing that proves that witches and wizards do exist. There has been many instances of unexplained revivals of dead people, and witchcraft is supposedly responsible. The stories are there to make us believe that witches are just a fantasy, but even history says otherwise. How could Arthur unite England without Merlin, and why did Solomon change after he had the magical ring. History has instances of many events of witchcraft.

Is it present in the present age? Yes it is present as a religion Wicca, and it is growing rapidly. Witchcraft and witches are all around us in form of Tarot card readers, fortune tellers, crystal gazers and they are sometimes more effective than science. So we are actually missing something. We are not aware of many people actually practicing witchcraft. They have no need to promote it, in fact there is a degree of secrecy about them. Although having the internet allows all sort of information to be accessed. Their are sites for spells, sites to learn witchcraft, although these tend to be more for charlatans who just want to earn money. Often using the sites to promote other services, like shopping or loans to earn extra cash, a rather good indicator that they are not legitimate!

More research needs to be done in the customs which we have categorized as witchcraft. It is actually ancient science which we modern people do not understand.