I am a trainee librarian and just recently I had to organize a Halloween competition for the 11-15 years age group at the library. It was really interesting, so much so I thought I would share it in a blog. The entries in the competition were very good and the response was great. Supernatural is certainly a popular genre.  I am also an avid fantasy reader, have been since I was small and I am so lucky to be doing the job I am. I love books on witches and the strong female characters you can find in these stories. I just think it is a shame that sometimes I have to justify my enjoyment of them. People (adults mainly) seem to think they are fairy tales and for children.  I feel sorry for them missing out on such interesting tales and try to encourage trying a wider genre to the public. I enjoy being taken to see a different kind of life, different ways to explore how people live & work together. Oh and how magic is all around.  Ok you have to stretch your imagination but that in itself is a truly wonderful thing.

Books suggestions: Try reading the Hollows Series by Kim Harrison, it starts with “Dead Witch Walking”.  All the books in the series are stand alone but they do rely heavily on the previous books plots, I suggest you read in order.


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