Occult Apps have Traditional Witches Flying into a Rage

Occult apps and witchaft

Some people get goosebumps just by hearing the phrase “witchcraft”. The traditions of witchcraft have been passed down for centuries, so real witches don’t like the idea of modern witches using occult apps which they download on their smartphones. witching apps not popular with real witches can be downloaded from your mobile device. In fact, it doesn’t matter which area of witchcraft you’re interested in – spells, tarot card reading or numerology – there is an app for it, turning anyone into an instant witch if they like. There are many seasoned witches who aren’t thrilled with the idea of their ancient traditions being converted into gimmicky apps. We’re living in a time when there are many people who call themselves witches or fortune tellers who have no credentials or qualifications, and they make good use of these occult apps. Traditional witchcraft practitioners want to distance themselves from those practicing with modern apps, which they feel has little to do witchcraft. Whether you believe in it or not it is important that we hold traditions and legacies in the highest regard and not just them to make money from gimmicky apps that anyone can download. To know more about it, click on https://goo.gl/NrsRXJ.


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