Colonial witches, a hard time to listen to Mother Earth’s calling

Colonial witches and mystical exchange

Modern witchcraft has grown in popularity and acceptance in recent years. It has introduced ancient concepts and rituals into the beliefs of modern society, promoting consciousness and appreciation for all life and death. However, in the days of the colonies in the Americas, colonial witches were forced to play a very dangerous game in order to keep their rituals and beliefs a secret. Since the 17th century was strongly charged with fanaticism, the Puritans believed that the devil was among the colonies, lurking in the shadows. They believed a witch to be a person with a pact with the devil in exchange for power, which led to the accusation and hanging of many people, the majority being middle-aged woman. However, in September 1692, the witches confessing their possession would not be punished by death. But beyond clashes with Puritan fanaticism, colonial witches found in the Americas many virgin lands, exempt from man’s modernization, and a deep cultural and mystical exchange with Native American and African rituals.


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