The Last Witch Hunter The Movie with a Different Perspective on Witches

The Last Witch Hunter-The witch Queen

I am very much fascinated by movies on magic and really loved the harry Potter series, which I thought was an excellent adaptation of the books. Last week I came across a very unusual title of the last witch hunter. I searched for the rating on imdb and it was a mere 6.0. I generally do not watch movies which are rated lower than 7.0, but since it was a subject I love I decided to watch.

So, I went ahead and booked the movie on Netflix, and watched it. The storyline of the movie was real good. It is the story which says that there are two kinds of human beings on earth – one with magic inside them (Wizards and Witches) and without magic. The story is a struggle between the two. The witches and wizards led by the witch queen want to have supremacy and hence bring forth a plague which kills those without magic. The movie starts with the main character Kaulder searching for the witch queen and slaying her. But while dying the witch queen curses Kaulder with immortality. He becomes the fighter for the human race, and witches and humans reach a compromise that magic will not be used against the humans. However Kaulder does not know that the heart of the witch queen is still beating, and secretly hidden. The witch queen comes alive and starts to make a spell for the black plague again. Kaulder with help of a dream walker Chloe who is a witch kills the queen again and keep the heart which makes him immortal again. The movie is very different from other witch movies and I really liked Vin Diesel as Kaulder. A must watch the movie for people who love magic movies.


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