Witches contribution to modern medicine

Witches in the past were widely persecuted. In 15 –17th Century, witches were hunted down and killed because they were considered evil and against the bible teachings.

Contribution of witches to modern medicine
Contribution of witches to modern medicine

However looking at witchcraft through the modern technology, we can conclude that it was not as bad as it was thought to be. The work of witches has greatly contributed to the modern medicine. In many societies, witches were the doctors. They cured diseases by appeasing the offended spirits. In fact, it is the role of the witches and magicians in different society that emerged to be the different modern medical professionals we know today.

Most of the plants witches used to cast away evil spirits are being used to today in modern medicine. For example Datura stramonium was used by the native Indians and it is currently used to treat motion sickness. It is now known as Scopolamine.

In some societies, witches performed minor surgery to help in their rituals. Some archaeological evidences have shown bones that were surgically repaired which may have been broken during wars or accidents. It is assumed that witches performed these surgeries. Witches also made incisions on their patients’ bodies to apply their herbs. When you look at what they did, the modern science is doing the same except that we don’t believe infections are evil spirits. To read more about it, click on https://goo.gl/Z1tSzC.




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