What is a Witch?

Wiccan symbols do not tell the whole story.

The average person sees at least 3 witches a day, but remains clueless. Witches, on the other hand, tend to see only those who fit their own version of a “witch”. Some say that only caucasian people with red, curly hair can inherit witchy tendencies while others say that witchcraft is a European practice. Unfortunately, regardless of position all of these people are missing something important. Since you can’t point to a distinct ethnic group and label them “witches”, the only way to discover who today’s witches are by examining practices.

Witches use herbs to ease ailments, as has been common among African Tribes. African witches are considered healers and are persecuted, as they have been in other cultures. They observe nature, then use those observations to affect change. They provide comfort and create seasonal rituals. Obviously, these practices are not limited to Europe. In fact, you’ll find that every civilization thriving in today’s world, began with a cluster of primitives struggling to survive. In other words, there are witches in every culture, and anyone can claim their life is that of an hereditary witch. However, you also see these practices in scientific research.

That’s right, science. In fact, we may have had communities on the moon and Mars if human-kind had not suffered the plague, then the dark ages. Without the mass, forced conversions of that time the human race – as a whole- might be living in distant galaxies by now. Many of the lingering prejudices against women and different skin tones may have never developed without the inquisition’s aftermath that triggered all of the colonizing, and took monotheism out of Europe to other lands.

Who is a witch? Anyone you speak with, see or hear about might be casting a circle, and settling into meditation, at this very moment.


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